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A school that wants to become a

“Learning Community” will pass through the following transformation phases:

1. Raising awareness:
Everything begins with the scientific training of all the community involved in the educational process – a preparatory training that must be delivered in an intensive way. It’s time to do some deep thinking about those educational methods which yield the best results. It is also time to analyse the current functions of the school; to identify strengths and weaknesses to determine what actions would best support social inclusion and academic success.

2. Decision making:
This is the stage where the final decision is made: the school is going to be transformed into a Learning Community. This decision depends on the consensus of the community through constant dialogue and everyone’s commitment. The decision-making process is an induction for the community towards more democratic and community-led action.

3. The dream:
The time has come where the entire educational community (students, teaching staff, relatives, management team and non teaching staff) dreams about what they want for the school’s future. It is an exciting and creative process that every school is carrying out and showing in a different way. It’s an important time because it signals the beginning of the transformation.

4. Selection of priorities:
It is the time when decisions are made as to which are the most urgent priorities and the most relevant dreams as shared by the whole community. The organization, categorization andprioritization of the dreams are processes conducted by a mixed committee of students, families, teachers and community.

5. Planning:
It is the time when the school designs the path they wish to take to achieve the dreams of the community. Also, it is the stage to form more mixed working committees that will make this path possible by implementing Successful Educational Actions. This will all stem from an assembly where the whole community takes part.

special educational actions transformation phases
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