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STEP4SEAS Successful educational outcomes primary school classroom
STEP4SEAS Successful educational outcomes primary school classroom



Social Transformation through

Educational Policies based on

Successful Educational Actions (STEP4SEAS) 


STEP4SEAS Project aims to promote the development of educative policies that foster the inclusion of disadvantaged learners based on Successful Educational Actions (SEAS) implemented through collaborative work from schools, universities and governments. The Successful Educational Actions were identified by INCLUD-ED research, Strategies for Inclusion and Social Cohesion in Europe from Education funded by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6 2006-2011). Those actions, researched in 26 European countries, increased attainment for disadvantaged learners, coexistence and social cohesion, being transferable across different context.


STEP4SEAS Project will work at two complementary levels: promoting SEAS implementation in new schools and their communities across Europe, fostering social inclusion; and working with the partners governments and universities to develop policies that can scale up the benefits of this implementation. With this propose, the project will create a sustainable network of schools, universities, and governments that committed with the inclusion of the disadvantage learners, develop policies and implement proven practices.


Programme: Erasmus +

Title: Social transformation through Educational Policies based on Sucessful Educational Actions

Record Number: 11. 580432-EPP-1-2016-1-ES-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN



It is a European development

project that:

  • Promotes best results in academic attainment for all

  • Improves coexistence

  • Boost the participation of the families and community increasing social cohesion.

How do we do it?


  • By promoting the implementation of Successful Educational Actions and transforming schools in Learning Communities together with governments, universities and other entities.

  • By establishing the first network of schools as Learning Communities and implementing SEAS in Europe

  • By providing a structure, material and skills to promote the SEAS and LC in a sustainable way

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