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STEP4SEAS children in classroom

Learning Communities


Learning Communities is a project based on a set of Successful Educational Actions aimed at fostering social and educational transformation. This educational model is in line with international scientific theories that emphasise two key factors for learning in today's society: interactions and community involvement. 



The essence of the project is to guarantee optimal learning for all children. By providing equal opportunities to create the conditions to achieve the best results for all, by raising expectations, involving families and community in educative activities and promoting interactions, the project achieves:

  • Better academic results for all students

  • Increased confidence and motivation for learning

  • Better coexistence and improved attitudes to social solidarity

  • More meaning and quality of learning for the whole community

  • Real participation of families and all social agents in the school

The project and its 6 Successful Educational Actions have a strong scientific base developed by more than 80 researchers from various disciplines over 30 years.

Its conceptual foundation is supported by the conclusions of the INCLUD-ED Project (Strategies for Inclusion and Social Cohesion in Europe from
Education), funded by the European Commission between 2006-2011 and coordinated by CREA in 14 countries. Subsequently, two of the SEAS were tried and tested by the ChiPE Project in a variety of schools in Eastern England.

INCLUD-ED research identified 6 evidence-based Successful Educational Actions, that achieve the best results in both academic outcomes and coexistence in many different contexts. They are universal and transferable.

Tested already across more than 1000 schools in 13 countries around the world, the SEAS are the most effective way to overcome social and educational inequalities.

STEP4SEAS primary school children
Ramón Flecha, Founder of CREA & Schools  as Learning Communities Project

Ramón Flecha, Founder of CREA & Schools

as Learning Communities Project


The transformation of schools in Learning Communities is a proposal developed by CREA (Community of Research on Excellence for All) at University of Barcelona, in Spain.

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